Before you order

Thank you for ordering your takeout or delivery from Gather.  We’re happy to be able to offer these services once again and we’ve even added family sized orders for many of our products. A few things you should be aware of:

  • An 18% gratuity (also displayed as a “Service Fee”) will automatically be added to all takeout and delivery orders to make sure our employees are taken care of. Thank you on their behalf.
  • There will be a flat Delivery Fee of $10 within town and $25 outside of town and in the village. We apologize for the higher rate outside of town but we have to charge that because of how long our driver will be tied up with those deliveries.
  • There is no minimum purchase amount for takeout but there is a minimum delivery order of $30.
  • A Tip From Gather:  While waiting for your food to arrive, we recommend putting your plates in a warm oven to help keep the food hot for a better at-home dining experience.

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